Lyrically Speaking; Signal To Noise

In the second installment of what I hope to be a regular feature for Document. I’ve asked Jerry Lardieri to provide the lyrics for what has long been my favorite Brixton Riot song. “Signal to Noise” has been a rallying cry as well as a call to seize the day for quite some time now. Having sang, spun and hummed this song for so long now. I felt it was time I knew the lyrics word for word. In the four plus years of United By Rocket Science. Both Jerry and The Brixton Riot provided a steady flow of memorable moments. One can only hope for more as we move forward. Only time will tell. J.D.

Signal to Noise – The Brixton Riot

Dim the lights
And wind the cables
Cut the power on the stereo
There is no time
This session’s over
Signal to noise ratio

You’ve been acquired
They’ll grease the wheels til they just won’t roll
Then you’re retired
From circulation
Signal to noise ratio

Keep my head down til I hear that sound
Keep my head down til I hear that sound
Keep my head down til I hear that sound
Keep my head down til I hear that sound

Pop filter sheen
On every station
Flickering static on the stereo
A hollow sound
Across the nation
Signal to noise ratio

Keep my head down til I hear that sound
Keep my head down til I hear that sound
Keep my head down til I hear that sound
Keep my head down til I hear that sound

The Brixton Riot

Joyful Noise Recordings VIP Membership

I’m just minutes away from subscribing to a VIP membership with Joyful Noise Recordings. The unique opportunity to be a part of something so unique and homogenous makes perfect sense for someone like myself who really appreciates the spirit of independence and short run recordings. I highly recommend looking into Joyful Noise and what they do. Below is a link to their site as well as a sweet introduction to what they do. Puppies not included. J.D.

Joyful Noise Recordings

Lancaster PA’s SPILL Release Video for their Song “Sucks Either Way.”

Lancaster’s Spill have released a video for their song “Sucks Either Way,” taken from the band’s debut self-titled EP. Featuring former members of Placeholder and We Were Skeletons. SPILL will be returning to New Brunswick this Tuesday, September 22nd to play their second area show in a matter of weeks. Click Here to get info and directions to the show.

Lyrically Speaking;

Having always been drawn to meaningful lyrics. The thought of having a feature spotlighting some of the artists whose lyrics spark emotion while inspiring thought felt important. From the time I first heard bands such as Embrace and Rites of Spring to some of todays artists and unintentional poets. Good lyrics are worth celebrating. With “Lyrically Speaking”, the hope is to put a spotlight on some of the artists who are putting meaning and a poetic twist on the songs they write. First up is Richmond Virginia’s Positive No. Northern Aggressor is a track from their upcoming debut full length album Glossa. Be sure to follow the link at the bottom of the page to order your copy.   J.D.


Northern Aggressor – By Richmond VA’s Positive No

Air Conditioning sounds like a running car.
Bus stop cigarettes keep smoking when you’re gone.

Gun and knife show handbills mocking pacifists.
Rebel flags keep coming back, what year is this?

What year is this?

Buttermilk has Southern charm
but home is where your records are.

One house buys and sells but never offers trade.
Tiny ziplock bags lie yawning in the shade.

The rhythm of the day is set by cargo trains.
Humid diesel perfume wanders like a stray,

an unwanted stray.

Buttermilk has Southern charm
but home is where my records are.

What is in a namesake?
There are no swans in Swan Lake.

Positve No Band