A Conversation Sparks a Shirt

500x500A few months in to my moving to my current home. I was invited out to lunch at a nearby gallery by one of the neighbors who lives down at the opposite side of the hall. During that hour + luncheon. I met several other people from, yes, the same floor of this building. During that friendly get to know the conversation covered a wide array of topics which included both work and play. Snowboarding turned to Surfing and Surfing turned to Skateboarding. While I was never very good at either. Skateboarding was a particularly important interest of mine and a major part of my initiation in to the HXC lifestyle. I mention skating the pyramids outside Astoria, Queens’   Con Edison building and meeting some of the members of a band that would soon become a major influence on my musical tastes and spark my love for the more positive Hardcore bands. The simple mention of the pyramids and the band name Token Entry raised the eyebrow of one of the neighbors present. Quickly sharing that he too skated the pyramids, listened to Token Entry and spent much of his teen years involved in the Hardcore scene.

IMG_1515Needless to say, common interests were found. A few hours later, back home and still appreciative of the new relationships I had established that day. There was a knock on my door.        There standing on the other side was the gentleman I had met just hours before with a smile on his face and a 1988 Token Entry Tour Shirt in his hands. “I just came across this and thought you would like to have it.” Our friendship cemented as there have been countless walks down the hall and knocks on the door. As grateful as I am for the selfless and thoughtful gift, It’s the connection and friendship made through common interest such as music that reminds me of how music still serves as conductor or, if you will, third rail. Thanks Kev. J.D.


Born Against VS Sick of it All W.N.Y.U. Debate Revisited

It was the epic Davey VS Goliath battle of NYHC. The rebel alliance Born Against locked in battle with the Empire’s version of the Death Star, Sick of it All. Chances are you were taking sides and stocking up on 7 inch EP’s and cassette demos as you dug in for the long haul.          On one side of the table, the Jedi purists Born Against. On the other. The dark, imperial army of Sick of it All. I can go on with George Lucas inspired clique’s for day. Instead I give you the great W.N.Y.U. hosted Born Against/Sick of it All debate. J.D.