True Vision – Demo

truevision_demo_largeOn this, the band’s debut cassette demo. Leeds True Vision. A band that Features members of Violent Reaction, The Flex, Shrapnel and Obstruct. The self titled demo offers five songs of Youth Crew anthems that immediately bring to mind the original cast of bands to dominate the Revelation Records roster of the late 80’s. Side By Side influenced jams with a sore throat vocal approach that reach deep down to summon a fist full of time-tested cliques. While I won’t go as far as writing this band or their demo off. I can definitely say that this did absolutely nothing to establish itself as anything original, unique or special that would separate it from the endless array of bands that have been stealing from the same well for close to thirty years. Even the demo’s artwork reminds me of generic and unoriginal late 80’s HXC became. J.D.

Available Here

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