Poster Envy

For as long as I can remember. My walls always served as a mirror image of my taste in music, art and movies. From my elementary school love of horror movies, the Who, Jimi Hendrix and AC/DC to my high school and college obsession with Punk and HXC flyers. These visual documents served as a wallpapered map to what was inspiring me musically. Over time, my choice of wall art became more personal and intimate. In my first post high school space I had an oversized poster of the Revelation Records compilation “The Way it is” posted on the wall directly behind my sofa sleeper. While it was one of my favorite records at the time. The image featuring what looked like most of my high school’s Hardcore population. AOL1-743049Then there was the poster you see below of Chapel Hill’s beloved Archers of Loaf. As much as as I loved and still love the Loaf. It was the inclusion of my friend and quite possibly the bands biggest fan (Tracy Keats Wilson of Dahlia Seed fame.) rocking the fuck out on the lower right side that made it extra special. For years this poster took up valuable real estate in various apartments in both Manhattan and Hoboken before being folded away and eventually lost. If and when I get the chance. I’d love to recoup this buried treasure and perhaps find the proper frame of adhesive type thing to properly display it. But for now, I guess I’ll have to highlight it’s awesomeness here. Thanks Tracy, if it were not for you I might have never picked up Ikky Metal in the first place. J.D.

Archers of Loaf

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