Pulling Records From the Pile

As I was attempting to come up with a few simple ideas that had the potential to become a regular feature here. “Pulling Records from the Pile” seemed as simple as one could possibly get. Being that I bring in a massive amount of records on a weekly basis. The chance of them being filed away in one of the several Ikea Expedits my records currently call home. As my obsession grows and my hoarding begins to take hold of my fairly new home. I find I do a lot more accumulating than listening. So hear starts “Pulling Records from the Pile”. Each post I will pick a random record. It could be a new or old LP, 7’inch, Flexi, or maybe even a cassette. Give it a thorough listen and see what comes to mind. Considering how many records are staring me down at the moment. This feature may very just outlive me. We’ll see. Please feel free to contribute any further information as well as personal anecdotes.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to this. Bananarama have always been an unexplainable guilty pleasure for me. During their heyday I had a handful of female friends who were big fans. My best friends sisters Laura and Jenna, as well as their sister friends Shannon and Catelynn. Starting with the dark pop natured, yet danceable draw of 1983’s Cruel Summer…url I developed a strange love affair with the bands music and image that carried me in to my recent years as a bonafide crate digger. Side One’s Cruel Summer holds up well. Listening to this cut as an adult. One really tends the dark nature and longing in the lyrics. All while appreciating the upbeat and very danceable rhythms of the music. Despite the slick, synth produced sound. I find myself reminded of the rather tribal approach the Bow Wow Wow was creating around the same time. The cover (Pictured to the right) clearly displays the great marketing job done when promoting Bananarama. Sexy, yet playful and very approachable. An idea that would go on to serve the group well for over thirty years. Despite some wear on the cover. The record itself is flawless. Put this one in your DJ bag. You can’t go wrong. J.D.

Side One; Cruel Summer

Side Two; Summer Dub (Special C.B. Mix) / Cairo

Year; 1984

Format; 12′ Maxi Single 45 RPM

Label; London Records (A subsidiary of PolyGram Records)

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