Undertow – Everything

ind65Undertow were a Seattle Straightedge band who released a number of 7′ EP’s (Including splits with Resolution and Struggle.) and a sole LP in the early 90’s and 2,000’s. Their overall sound reflected that of many of the bands Hardcore bands of the time as well as the ones on the rosters of the label who released this material. (Indecision Records) Undertow became very influential in the Seattle Hardcore scene at a time when Grunge had captured the attention of millions. The bands sound was a heavy mix of Metallic Hardcore with dark rhythms. TheirThe 2XLP comes in a gatefold cover that opens up to some excellent live photos of the band. There is also an inlet sporting lyrics to each and every song. An interesting side note worth mention is while this is advertised to feature colored vinyl. Only one of the two LP’s features the color blue. With the other being on the traditional black color. (Black is a color, right?) A possible mistake that gave this collection an oddball quality. As for the music, this was, like many metal core bands of the era, unappealing to me. Please note before buying that this does not feature a download card. J.D.

Available Here

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