Pulling Records From the Pile.

Afrika-Bambaataa-Electronic-Standards-Photos-Afrika-Bambaataa-James-Brown-UnityAfrika Bambaataa & James Brown – Unity

Okay, let’s see what we have here. Unity brings together two pioneers of their respected genres.         Hip Hop innovator and founder of the Zulu Nation, Afrika Bambaataa joins forces with the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown. This was an amazing all around find and pull. I remember finding this in a bin at Brooklyn’s Permanent Records some years ago. Considering Afrika Bambaataa was my introduction to Hip Hop and it’s culture. This rates very high on my finds list. A thoroughly good listen all the way through. Sadly though, it seems that, more than thirty years later. We’ve learned nothing from the message. The condition is excellent. Especially considering it’s age. (Originally released in 1984.) Not a nick, scratch or bump to be had. ***** JD

  • A Side; Unity Part 1 (The Third Coming) Unity Part 2 (Because it’s Coming) Unity Part 3 (Nuclear Wild Style)
  • B Side; Unity Part 4 (Can You See it) Unity Part 5 (The Light) Unity Part 6 (World III)
  • Year; 1984
  • Format; 12′ Maxi SIngle
  • Label; Tommy Boy

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