A Conversation Sparks a Shirt

jawbreaker_20gg_originalI was in the midst of my Princeton ritual recently. The one where I stop at the deli for some coconut water and a snack before returning to the library to meet with my wife after a healthy hour or so of crate digging at  Princeton Record Exchange. As I brought my drink and bag of chips to the counter. I was greeted by a young lady wearing a Flash Gordon tee bearing the image of Queen’s Freddy Mercury. I smiled and said, “My dad took me to see that movie when it was in the theaters.” Adding,  “He also had the soundtrack on vinyl and would sing along terribly to the theme song.” While the minor pleasantry got a quick laugh and a half smile. The exchange itself stuck with me. Reminding me of the days when the band on a t shirt had the power to incite dialogue. Often, forming the bonds of friendship. How common interests such as a band, album or image served as a bridge to communication and exchange. To think of all the friendships made through that common thread. Many of which remain strong decades later. And while we live in a much bigger and more accessible world today. I hope to keep that thread alive before returning to my social media page, app. or whatever it might be that keeps me constantly engaged with my phone. Communication as we knew it doesn’t have to end. We can still go back to the well every now and then. J.D.

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