“I Always Keep the Stubs.”

I was watching the film “Sleepers” last night for what might have been the umpteenth time. There’s a climactic scene towards the end of the film where Father Bobby testifies on behalf of John Reilly and Tommy Marcano. During that scene he produces the tickets stubs from the Knicks game he alleges taking the two murder suspects to. “I always keep the stubs” he responds. When asked why. Father Bobby responds, “Because you never know when someone might want more than your word.” It’s a classic line from a great film which features some of the best characters you’ve ever seen on the big screen.


Fast forward a day or so and I pull a Run DMC CD out of the pile. Within the CD tray was the ticket I purchased to see the first rap act I ever followed closely. While this particular show took place long after their peak had taken a major hit. It allowed me to pay respect to an act that somewhat paved the way towards my love of Hip Hop. It gave me a quick opportunity to meet the band afterward and have them each autograph my Adidas Run DMC shirt. Something that would not have taken place during their arena days. That ticket has remained in it’s original state inside that CD tray for close to twenty years now. If I had only done that with all of my tickets. Let this serve as a reminder to “Always keep the stubs.” J.D.

FullSizeRender copy 2


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