Pulling Records From the Pile

51w6lSAdSnLKim Wilde – ST  Wow, my luck made a major comeback with this one. Kim Wilde’s self titled 1981 debut is a time tested synth pop classic that has both New Wave appeal, a bit of Blondieesque pout and street wise punch. While those beautiful eyes and pouty lips always seemed to take center stage in a sexist, male dominated and manufactured music industry. Wilde’s music output was nothing to fuck with. The album opens with the undeniable classic Kids in America. A track that’s been the opener to a number of mix tapes, CD’s and podcasts over the last hundred or so years. I myself have bookended Kids in America with Berlin’s The Metro and Gary Numan’s Cars on numerous occasions. I’d imagine a trip to the mall being less of a trip to hell if they started sparking the loudspeaker with this one. This was the first time I’ve listened to the album uninterrupted and in it’s entirety since forever. As I reach the albums final track Tuning In Tuning on. The only conclusion I can come to is, I’m glad I did. Considering it’s release date and the fact that I found my copy in a dollar bin. The record is in impeccable condition. ***** J.D. 

  • Side 1; Kids in America, Water on Glass, Our Town, Everything We Know, Young Heroes,
  • Side 2: Chequered Love, 2-6-5-8-0, You’ll Never Be So Wrong, Falling Out, Tuning in Tuning on
  • Year; 1981
  • Format; 12′ LP
  • Label; EMI America

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