Strife – Incision

war001“Incision” features four new tracks that continue Strife’s legacy as one of the best Hardcore acts to come in the last twenty plus years. The release also marks first on War Records, a new label owned by Strife’s guitar player, Andrew Kline. And while these four songs match up very well with what we’ve come to expect from the band. “Incision” doesn’t exactly set itself apart from anything the band has written in the past. Making this feel like a mere pit stop in what has been an incredible race. In addition, pressing and pricing what is essentially an EP as an LP leaves to question whether or not to invest in the vinyl version. In my case, I was quite disappointed when mine arrived with no download code. I could have saved a few dollars as well as some shelf space downloading this from iTunes. While Strife remain an important cog in my appreciation for Hardcore and the bands who continue to fly that flag. With the lack of listening options provided. “Incision” will most likely end up in a pile with all of the other records I rarely pull out of the shelf. J.D.

Available Here



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