The Courtesy Tier – Little Rock Single

COURTESYTIER-LITTLEROCK-400It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the chance to really catch up with Brooklyn’s eclectic and admirably eccentric The Courtesy Tier. So much so, that I barely recognized the the dynamic duo of Omer Leibovitz and Layton (aka DJ Laytronic) Weedman have, with the addition of bassist Alex Picca, become a trio.

As I gazed into the bands latest three song offering I was immediately returned to the elements that always endeared me to the band. Their smart mix of Blues Rock, distortion and eccentric guitar noise always rewarded my quest for something unique and uniquely off center. A gift that sets them apart from many of their contemporaries. Often causing me to scratch my head, wondering “Are you sure this is from Brooklyn?”

In regards to these three songs. The Courtesy Tier have definitely opened up their sound by moving on to become a trio. While “Little Rock” and “Green” maintain the groups haunting, yet uplifting vibe. It’s “Childish Blues” that really triumphs. Reaping the rewards of bring bassist Alex Picca on board. It’s funky, fuzzy and downright dirty. Well done. Well done, indeed. J.D.

Available Here


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