Freewill -Sun Return

na63_Freewill_adForming in 1987 Freewill quickly rose in the ranks of ranks of the Southern California Straight Edge Hardcore scene. Playing along with bigger names such as Uniform Choice, No For An Answer, Insted and many others. They quickly made a name for themselves. During my time as a fanzine editor and collector. The name Freewill appeared in many of ones that supported both Straight Edge and the thriving West Coast scene. Soon after singing to and recording with Wishingwell Records who soon closed down. Leaving the album to hang out dry before the Europe’s legendary music thieves Lost and Found bought the tapes and bootlegged them. Thus releasing them without the permission or knowledge of the band themselves.

While I was familiar with Freewill. (Most notably, the presence of Mark Hartsfield who would go on to play with Against the Wall, Outspoken and Strife and currently Done Dying.) I have to admit this ‘Sun Return’ turned out to be more than a pleasant surprise. While Freewill definitely existed under the safety of the straightedge hardcore flag. Their sound can be traced to a more melodic and at times emotionally driven style of a more melodic Uniform Choice era meets a mid 80’s Dischord record table at a Verbal Assault show. Close comparisons can be made to pre Chain of Strength crooners Justice League. Lyrically, the band feels as if they are still in a very young and impressionable stage of their lives. Available on Green (300) and Purple (200) vinyl and includes lyrics, images and credits. Grab a copy while they last. J.D.

Available Here



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