Mr. Pink – Boy Chowder

There’s an unforgettable scene in the classic film Reservoir Dogs where Steve Buscemi is assigned the unenviable name “Mr. Pink”. It’s about as good a scene as you’re going to get. If you’ve seen it. you know the scene by heart. If you haven’t, you’ve done yourself a serious disservice and I will question your ability to make the most basic choices in life. Taking your bands namesake from a great line, flick or song can be a tricky undertaking. One that’s rendered many prior attempts to ridicule and scorn. When it’s done right, like in the case of Mr. Pink. The reference and likeness are accepted. Often becoming nothing more than a footnote.

a2655800235_16On their debut EP, Rockaway New Jersey’s Mr. Pink and their strangely named “Boy Chowder” fire on all cylinders to create something that moves, grooves and hits all the high notes. The opening bass line and guitar spiral that open “The Social Reunion” are exceptional and dare I say, reminiscent of early Fugazi material. “Lycan Pope” follows with more of a sludgy southern charm. Driving and groove heavy with story teller vibe. “David Lynch Always Win” continues the heavy stoner vibe with excellent results. While “That’s Using You’re Ass” follows a similar path to the aforementioned tracks. It’s the closer “Permicide” that leaves this listener with something he won’t soon forget.

CD inlet features lyrics and band info. With a five song debut that effectively introduce the bands ability to produce sludgy, stoner rock inspired narratives. One can only hope we’ll be hearing more from MR. Pink in the near future. JD


Agree to Disagree -If You Think We Suck Now…

a0593354697_16While “If you think we suck now. just wait til we sell out” is a 2014 release. Massachusetts Agree to Disagree and their ambitious sixteen song imprint are as new to me as last night’s bowl of mac n cheese.

What I really appreciate about Agree to Disagree is that while they might easily find themselves swimming in the same waters as most of the dye in the wool Pop Punk bands you may have heard since you picked up your first Blink 182 album. Agree to Disagree have a gift of shifting from the more heartfelt and emotionally drench ballads to a more aggressive, punchy Punk sound.  “On my own” serving as a perfect example. “Reunion”, one of my personal favorites feels like it could have been a hidden track or beefy B side on Saves The Day’s “Through Being Cool”. “If you think…” is highlighted by big riffs and chord changes. A vocal style that remains uplifting throughout. Overall, this was a really good listen. An album that seemed to build on it’s promise with each song. JD

Agree to Disagree