Helvetia – Dromomania

imgresBeing able to embrace your own weirdness and individuality is one of life’s truest gifts. As an artist, or in the case of Seattle’s Helvetia. Embracing these sometimes underrated traits has been quite rewarding. Since their 2006 debut Static Cult Label release ” The Clever North Wind”. Helvetia have been honing their impressive, Lo-Fi experimental sound with excellent results. Proving it doesn’t take a nation to write great songs with a quirky appeal. On “Dromomania”, Helvetia’s second release on Joyful Noise. (The first since 2012’s ‘Nothing But Rambling’.) these weirdos create an awesomely trippy vibe. Overall, these songs are all over the place. Dropping something spaced out and eccentric wherever they go. While I felt varying influences from Sebadoh to Half Japanese to They Might Be Giants throughout. “Dromomania” and Helvetia are manning a rocket ship all their own. To quote my good friend Ev Gold of Cinema Cinema, “You have to be willing to surrender to the trip.” I’m glad I did. It was well worth it. “Dromomania” features twelve tracks and runs a good thirty seven or so minutes. A nice investment in time, if you ask me. J.D.

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