NJ’s Control and Archie Alone to Play ABC No Rio

Being that I’ve been missing shows left and right these days. I was excited to see a couple of my favorite New Jersey bands playing I club I gravitated to as a late teen. Having missed Archie Alone and Control a number of times in recent months only sweetens the pot. See you there. J.D.

Torch Runner  Carb on Carb  Archie Alone  Control NJ

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Done Dying – We Dream Or We Die….

wsr013After two stellar and well received 7 inches. Done Dying return with the debut full length “We Dream or we Die.” Featuring outspoken singer/author Dan O’Mahoney (No For An Answer, 411, Speak 714), Mike Hartsfield (Outspoken, Freewill), Chris Lohman (Backspot) and Kevin Painter (Speak 714). Done Dying establishes itself quickly as much more than a collection of Hardcore all stars looking to relive old glories on the dance floor or cash in on past accomplishments.

Their debut full length deserves high praise. Sounding somewhat like a cross between the power of Cro-mag’s “Age of Quarrrel” and the melodic strengths of Ignite’s “Call on My Brothers”. This is a record that clicks on all gears. Each of the eleven songs here sound vital. While “We Dream of we Die” brings each one together to form a cohesive statement of purpose. “Hear to Stay. Built to Last.”  This very easily might be my favorite HXC album in years. While it reminds me of everything that made me fall in love with Hardcore in the 80’s. It more than satisfies my need for a reason to appreciate the music that is still being released in the present. A+ J.D.

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H2O – Skate

b9r229Seven years after their 2008 release of “Nothing To Prove”.     H2O offer a two song teaser in preparation for their forthcoming October full length Bridge Nine Records release “Use Your Voice”. The A side and album title “Use Your Voice” is a fast paced anthemic sing along  with some cool energy and high octane guitar leads. Side B’s “Skate”, featuring skate and punk legend Steve Caballero picks up the pace, it that is at all possible. Both serving as the perfect trailer for the upcoming full length.

What H2O has always lacked in originality and hardcore prowess. They’ve more than make up for in energy, sincerity and dedication to creating positive, uplifting Hardcore. And while I will most likely never appreciate their music as anything more than tribute. I can have fun singing along once in a long while. Until the album… Don’t forget to skate. J.D.

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Society Abuse – S/T 7′

IMG_2540_a21fd758-54d9-4508-bdfd-3141d74a767d_1024x1024After a well received demo. Not only are Florida’s Society Abuse back, the band has returned with a dangerous self titled EP featuring five songs of venomous Hardcore that get in your system and stay long enough to leave some damage, Influences as old as the classic Negative FX (Choke’s pre Slapshot effort.) to the more current Knife Fight. Rights Denied, Negative Pressure, Beg, Violent Crimes and Prison of Politics each cover timeless themes with a fresh breathe of rage. While the bands sound and focus of attack have been a topic of punk ire since day one. Society Abuse prove that things haven’t changed all that much. There’s still plenty of change to fight for. J.D.

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Boysetsfire (Bridge 9 Records) release lyric video for “Savage Blood”

Bridge Nine Records have released a lyric video for “Savage Blood” from the Sept. 25th release of the self titled album from Boysetsfire.Their first release since 2013’s reunion album               “While A Nation Sleeps”. You can pre-order the album from Bridge Nine Here.