Society Abuse – S/T 7′

IMG_2540_a21fd758-54d9-4508-bdfd-3141d74a767d_1024x1024After a well received demo. Not only are Florida’s Society Abuse back, the band has returned with a dangerous self titled EP featuring five songs of venomous Hardcore that get in your system and stay long enough to leave some damage, Influences as old as the classic Negative FX (Choke’s pre Slapshot effort.) to the more current Knife Fight. Rights Denied, Negative Pressure, Beg, Violent Crimes and Prison of Politics each cover timeless themes with a fresh breathe of rage. While the bands sound and focus of attack have been a topic of punk ire since day one. Society Abuse prove that things haven’t changed all that much. There’s still plenty of change to fight for. J.D.

Available Here