Polyphony / The Planet You “Art is Useless” Split

a2889393831_16It’s been a long time. Over a year would be a generous understatement since I’ve heard anything from Maplewood’s Polyphony. To be honest. I recently found myself wondering if their time together had come to a quiet end. Thankfully, Polyphony doesn’t to do anything quietly.

While this split only features one offering from each band. Polyphony’s “Reason to Prevail” and “Roses are Subjective” by The Planet You. I find each of these songs to be infallible testaments to the power of a good split. While two very different bands with Polyphony’s mathematic, yet unwound madness and the technical melodies Montclair’s The Planet You offer. They share more similarities than one might give them credit for.

These two bands match up well on this split. A wake up call that old favorites Polyphony are still going strong. A reminder of how refreshing it is  hearing and learning about bands to keep my eyes and ears on. JD

Download it Here