Collectors Spotlight; Adriano Garcia

Adriano Garcia is an old friend who just happens to share a lot of mutual old friends. Former and current lead vocalist for the N.J.H.C. band Against The Grain. Adriano has also sit in as guest vocalist for N.Y.H.C. legends Cause For Alarm and Agnostic Front. While worthy of praise. It was Adriano’s dedication to collecting, or to be more direct, collecting Star Wars related action figures and swag, that drew my imagination and interest. While “Collectors Spotlight” was originally supposed to focus on vinyl and media junkies. Spending most of my own life collecting one thing or another. I could not help but start where it all began for so many of us. In a galaxy far, far away. J.D. 

agcollectionpicFirst thing you ever owned?

Definitely from what I can remember , it was Kiss dolls.

How many action figures / sets do you own?

Man oh man, good question, but I can’t tell you. It’s way beyond counting at this point.

What’s the key focus of your collection?

There is several. Star Wars, Marvel action figures, DC Action figures, McFarlane, Mets action figures, Transformers, Streetfighter, horror, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, W.W.E., W.W.F., A.W.A., E.C.W., W.C.W., W.C.C.W., N.W.A., Japanese, Mexican wrestling figures.

What is your method of accumulating/acquiring your collection? Is a trip to Toy R’ Us or Walmart all it takes?

I browse the net to check on release dates. So I make the rounds the week of the release dates of those particular toys I’m looking for. Sometimes Toys’R’Us or Walmart isn’t enough! On the east coast, we get everything last here as far as collectible toys go. You gotta be fast because there’s a ton of collectors in the NY/NJ area unfortunately. Sometimes I may have to browse somewhere where people don’t think to look: a TJ Maxx, a Kmart, and even a Shop-Rite!

Most rare or obscure Star Wars related item you own? Please say the original prototype for the Boba Fett action figure. I’ll come right over.

Sorry, I’m gonna disappoint but no original prototype Boba Fett! What I do have though are several Boba Fett figures through the years. The ones that stand out are the all white color McQuarrie concept Boba Fett figure and a 12″ Boba Fett with actual cloth material for the parts of his clothes that ain’t armor. There’s so many obscure figures in the SW realm. From the few off the top of my head are Darth Talon from the Star Wars Darkhorse comic, the hooded weird alien that Obi Wan and Luke sold the landspeeder to, and various Ewoks that probably weren’t in the movie.

Keep it in its card or take it out to play? How do you display and/or maintain?

For the most part, take it out of the card and just display in my cabinets. I enclose the majority in glass cabinets as opposed to keeping out on shelves as it helps against dust formation.

Favorite figure/ vehicle/ set? (This, of course includes things like Tauntauns.)

brannonstarwarsAll the x-wing pilots look real cool. Particularly, there is a John D. Branon pilot figure that looks like John Brannon, singer of hardcore punk band Negative Approach. I did a double take when I bought this one. One of my personal favorites. Oh, I gotta go with Amanaman the head hunter, one of the oddball species hanging out in Jabba’s palace. Favorite play set? Jabba’s Palace. Favorite vehicle is the super pricey Millenium Falcon that I’m still trying to acquire.

Most spent on Star Wars related memorabilia.

This coming September when I lay it all out for the new figures coming out for the new movie.

AG-170530Toys R’ Us had a major in-store event for the Star Wars Galaxy back during the first week of September. What was your haul like? Did you fill your Land Speeder while emptying your pockets?

I got everything i wanted despite the fact that a lot of people showed up and Toys R’ Us in their “drop the ball” ways only had a not so big display with not enough goods for mostly everyone to go home happy.

Most unnecessary or avoidable Star Wars figure or set you know of.

imgresStar Wars figure: Willrow Hood (AKA Ice Cream Man). You will see him in Empire Strikes Back running around for a second with some white tube thing that supposedly has Bespin secrets that he’s trying to hide from the Empire. The other one is the dude with some kind of car that seats six pilots. He’s the guy that drives rebel pilots to their x-wings.

Worst Star Wars episode to Best.

I like them all. Fanboys like to say they like only 4,5,6 but that’s because they’ve seen those flicks with 5-year-old eyes. They’re all the same for the most part: bad dialogue, great acting, bad acting, great story, annoying aliens, great effects, etc. From worst to best:

The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
Return of the Jedi
Revenge of the Sith
A New Hope
Empire Strikes Back (Best acting of all of them)

What does your wife think?

The wife thinks she would like to throw them all out. Just like my mom before her.

Have you yet to discuss the power of the dark side with your daughter? If not, when do you think the subject will be broached?

I’m trying. But all I can get out of her is her love of Elmo.