Courtesy Tier To Perform at Upcoming CMJ Festival.

Be sure to get out for the upcoming CMJ festival here in NYC. Our friends in Courtesy Tier will hitting the stage with lot of exciting news including the release of a new recording, new videos and photos. They’re eager to share it with you very soon. J.D.


Courtesy Tier;


Dolly’s Release a New Single As They Embark on a Fall Tour

dollys imageNEW BRUNSWICK, NJ. Indie pop trio, dollys, will be releasing a new single on September 23rd of 2015 and will be celebrating at the Asbury Lanes with a tour kick-off show. The two song single was recorded at Lakehouse Recording Studios and continues the pattern of vintage-tinted production, also showcased in their previous single “Better Doctor”. The juxtaposition of “I Know” and “Imitator” displays a scope of dynamics dollys has yet to reveal.  “I Know” is being released in tandem with a brand new music video shot and directed by Anthony Yebra on the Asbury Park beach. The single will be available for free download on the dollys bandcamp page linked below:

dollys’ tour kick-off show will feature performances by Asbury Park locals The Cold Seas and Goodbye Tiger. Up and coming North Jersey band, Hodera, joins the bill as well. Bradley Cooper, a hard rock group featuring select members of Deal Casino and dollys, will also make a special appearance opening up the show. The show kicks off for a twenty day tour of the northeast for dollys, the details of which can be found at

Revelation Records Offers A Titanic Reissue. Pre-Order Now!

rev160Beyond, though short lived in the NYHC scene (1988-1989), made an impact with their personal brand of Long Island metal-tinged hardcore with intricate riffage. The “Dew It!” demo was supposed to be recorded for Schism but the label folded before it got off the ground. They sold their demos through Some Records on the Lower East Side until the store closed and the rest were sold through mailorder. Originally recorded on a 1″ tape and mixed on cassette, “Dew It!” has been remixed to give it the sound that was previously intended. Backed with the demo is Beyond’s live set on WYNU’s legendary punk and hardcore radio show, “Crucial Chaos,” which was started in the late ’80s and still continues to this day, nearly 25 years later. Members of Beyond have gone on to bands like Quicksand, Bold, Inside Out, Burn, Shelter, 108 and more. Revelation Records has combined these two gems on vinyl and paired it with a 20-page, 12″ x 12″ booklet. LP includes digital download. This is the blue vinyl version, limited to 769 copies.

Available Here

1. One Kind Word (demo)
2. Effort (demo)
3. What Awaits Us (demo)
4. Hoax (demo)
5. Seasons (demo)
6. Feedback (demo)
7. Vitality (demo)
8. Better Things To Do (demo)
9. Ancient Heat (live)
10. Feedback (live)
11. Vitality (live)

12. Vampire Empire (live)
13. Hoax (live)
14. Seasons (live)
15. Care (live)
16. Better Things To Do (live)
17. One Kind Word (live)
18. Strike (live)
19. Someday (live)
20. New Wave Song (live)
21. Effort (live)

Breaking the Seal

When most people use the term “Breaking the Seal”. They are most likely referring to having to take a wicked piss. And while I’ve had to “Break the Seal” on numerous occasions. That has nothing to do with this particular post. What I’m referring to in this case is the number oSealed !!-0969f records I come across that I’ve yet to break the seal on.           A recent exploration my largest record shelving unit yielded a shocking forty one sealed records.             As a matter of fact. I was just about to order a vinyl copy of Strife’s “In this Defiance” when I found a sealed copy I bought less than a year ago. An album I claim to love but already had a CD version of from years ago. As I’ve gone from replacing my vinyl with CD’s in the 90’s to my updating my CD version with vinyl. Add to it my obsession with updating as many Discord and Revelation Records colored vinyl reissues as possible and things have gotten a little out of hand. In the end, I think a lot of good can come out of this. If I look at the upside, I have over a months worth of “A record a day.” material to keep me busy. On the downside, I will probably be deaf, if not dead before I ever have the chance to listen to all these beautiful records. Until the next record store or mail order. Keep piling up those records. J.D. 

Sealed-0959Sealed !!-0967



Sand in the Face – Music Made to Riot; New Jersey Hardcore 1982- 1983

Music Made to Riot collects the very earliest recordings of Montville, NJ’s Sand in the Face.             Largely recorded at Boonton, NJ’s Mix-O-Lydian Studios. The same studio that had already given us The Misfits “Walk Among Us”.The demos within feature the pre-LP lineup of                 Pete (Aaron) Wegele, (bass, vocals) Paul Schraft (vocals, guitar) and Mark “Munk” Lombardi, who sadly died of cancer in 2010 on drums.I found this to be a fun and quick listen. matw1204
A good time capsule highlighting the first wave of NJ Hardcore (Something I believe to be criminally overlooked.) Overall the tracks are what you’d expect from a young band getting to know themselves as well as their musicianship in the early days of Hardcore. A trio of high school kids getting to know their sound while working in the studio for the first time. Snotty, mid to fast paced teenage anthems A sound akin to such contemporaries Adrenaline O.D. and Bedlam. “Music Made to Riot” compiles eighteen tracks in all and  is accompanied by detailed liner notes written by Wegele himself. His dedicating the release to his departed friend and band mate is, to say the least, touching. Limited to 600 copies. My one complaint, if any, is that this did not come with a digital download. Something that would have come in handy when compiling my New Jersey Hardcore mix tape. J.D.

Available Here