Revelation Records announce limited color vinyl reissues for Record Store Day.

With the annual Record Store Day less than a month away. Revelation Records have announced this years exclusive, limited edition color reissues of several classics. Included are Kill Holiday – “Somewhere Between the Wrong is Right.” Shades Apart “Save it” LP and BURN’s               “Last Great Sea” 7″. Whether or not you already own these. It’s still a great opportunity to upgrade your old copy with some sweet looking/sounding slabs of vinyl. While I’d rate each pretty high for musical content. I highly recommend not sleeping on that Kill Holiday record. More the Smiths than Youth of Today. “Somewhere Between the Wrong is the Right” is an under the radar classic. JD

Revelation Records


Human Overdose – Demo 2015

a2658591062_16Binghamton strong! Human Overdose get my vote for Best Band Name of 2015. The band enters the fray with an eight song Man is the Bastard, Neurosis, Infest influenced Power Violence, Grind core ripper that’s fast loud and angry. While I’ve never found anything remotely inspiring about this form of musical abuse. I can count on many who find inspiration in bands of this ilk. In the case that you find inspiration or common ground in the aforementioned acts. Take a bite. This is right up your end zone. J.D.

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Delete History – S/T

Remember when Straightedge gangs roamed the streets of upstate NY enforcing curfews and wrecking havoc on those who failed to adhere to the ten commandments of living a clean and sober lifestyle. No? Me either. My only memories of the area is the tasty burritos I enjoyed while passing through the cold, unforgiving streets of Binghamton.

a0085006166_16Delete History offer something quite interesting and tangible with this six song offering. The band collects local Binghamton musicians Guitarist/Singer Dave Garris, Bassist/Singer Kyle Serlington and Drummer Jason Kruger. Coalescing to form an impressive Hardcore unit.  A notable follow up to their 2013 self titled ten song debut. Delete History may just overshadow what they’ve accomplished with prior bands Sepsis, The Serlingtons and             Intoxicated Youth. Musically, Delete History are both chaotic and melodic. Fast paced Hardcore led by Guitarist / Singer Dave Garrris. I was especially impressed with the songs emotive vocal approach. Powerful, yet not overpowering. Emotive, yet not syrupy like many bands associated with the term Emo. The driving guitar leads spearhead the attack. Carving a path for the chaotic rhythms you’ll here on these songs. Excellent stuff. J.D.

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NJ’s Control and Archie Alone to Play ABC No Rio

Being that I’ve been missing shows left and right these days. I was excited to see a couple of my favorite New Jersey bands playing I club I gravitated to as a late teen. Having missed Archie Alone and Control a number of times in recent months only sweetens the pot. See you there. J.D.

Torch Runner  Carb on Carb  Archie Alone  Control NJ

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Joyful Noise Recordings VIP Membership

I’m just minutes away from subscribing to a VIP membership with Joyful Noise Recordings. The unique opportunity to be a part of something so unique and homogenous makes perfect sense for someone like myself who really appreciates the spirit of independence and short run recordings. I highly recommend looking into Joyful Noise and what they do. Below is a link to their site as well as a sweet introduction to what they do. Puppies not included. J.D.

Joyful Noise Recordings

Lancaster PA’s SPILL Release Video for their Song “Sucks Either Way.”

Lancaster’s Spill have released a video for their song “Sucks Either Way,” taken from the band’s debut self-titled EP. Featuring former members of Placeholder and We Were Skeletons. SPILL will be returning to New Brunswick this Tuesday, September 22nd to play their second area show in a matter of weeks. Click Here to get info and directions to the show.

Courtesy Tier To Perform at Upcoming CMJ Festival.

Be sure to get out for the upcoming CMJ festival here in NYC. Our friends in Courtesy Tier will hitting the stage with lot of exciting news including the release of a new recording, new videos and photos. They’re eager to share it with you very soon. J.D.


Courtesy Tier;

Dolly’s Release a New Single As They Embark on a Fall Tour

dollys imageNEW BRUNSWICK, NJ. Indie pop trio, dollys, will be releasing a new single on September 23rd of 2015 and will be celebrating at the Asbury Lanes with a tour kick-off show. The two song single was recorded at Lakehouse Recording Studios and continues the pattern of vintage-tinted production, also showcased in their previous single “Better Doctor”. The juxtaposition of “I Know” and “Imitator” displays a scope of dynamics dollys has yet to reveal.  “I Know” is being released in tandem with a brand new music video shot and directed by Anthony Yebra on the Asbury Park beach. The single will be available for free download on the dollys bandcamp page linked below:

dollys’ tour kick-off show will feature performances by Asbury Park locals The Cold Seas and Goodbye Tiger. Up and coming North Jersey band, Hodera, joins the bill as well. Bradley Cooper, a hard rock group featuring select members of Deal Casino and dollys, will also make a special appearance opening up the show. The show kicks off for a twenty day tour of the northeast for dollys, the details of which can be found at

Revelation Records Offers A Titanic Reissue. Pre-Order Now!

rev160Beyond, though short lived in the NYHC scene (1988-1989), made an impact with their personal brand of Long Island metal-tinged hardcore with intricate riffage. The “Dew It!” demo was supposed to be recorded for Schism but the label folded before it got off the ground. They sold their demos through Some Records on the Lower East Side until the store closed and the rest were sold through mailorder. Originally recorded on a 1″ tape and mixed on cassette, “Dew It!” has been remixed to give it the sound that was previously intended. Backed with the demo is Beyond’s live set on WYNU’s legendary punk and hardcore radio show, “Crucial Chaos,” which was started in the late ’80s and still continues to this day, nearly 25 years later. Members of Beyond have gone on to bands like Quicksand, Bold, Inside Out, Burn, Shelter, 108 and more. Revelation Records has combined these two gems on vinyl and paired it with a 20-page, 12″ x 12″ booklet. LP includes digital download. This is the blue vinyl version, limited to 769 copies.

Available Here

1. One Kind Word (demo)
2. Effort (demo)
3. What Awaits Us (demo)
4. Hoax (demo)
5. Seasons (demo)
6. Feedback (demo)
7. Vitality (demo)
8. Better Things To Do (demo)
9. Ancient Heat (live)
10. Feedback (live)
11. Vitality (live)

12. Vampire Empire (live)
13. Hoax (live)
14. Seasons (live)
15. Care (live)
16. Better Things To Do (live)
17. One Kind Word (live)
18. Strike (live)
19. Someday (live)
20. New Wave Song (live)
21. Effort (live)