Breaking the Seal

When most people use the term “Breaking the Seal”. They are most likely referring to having to take a wicked piss. And while I’ve had to “Break the Seal” on numerous occasions. That has nothing to do with this particular post. What I’m referring to in this case is the number oSealed !!-0969f records I come across that I’ve yet to break the seal on.           A recent exploration my largest record shelving unit yielded a shocking forty one sealed records.             As a matter of fact. I was just about to order a vinyl copy of Strife’s “In this Defiance” when I found a sealed copy I bought less than a year ago. An album I claim to love but already had a CD version of from years ago. As I’ve gone from replacing my vinyl with CD’s in the 90’s to my updating my CD version with vinyl. Add to it my obsession with updating as many Discord and Revelation Records colored vinyl reissues as possible and things have gotten a little out of hand. In the end, I think a lot of good can come out of this. If I look at the upside, I have over a months worth of “A record a day.” material to keep me busy. On the downside, I will probably be deaf, if not dead before I ever have the chance to listen to all these beautiful records. Until the next record store or mail order. Keep piling up those records. J.D. 

Sealed-0959Sealed !!-0967