Remo Drive – Breathe In /Perfume 7′ Inch

Drawn to the cover and the simple fact that is the lone vinyl record amongst a sea of Cd’s, cassette tapes and shirts. I picked up a copy of Remo Drive to through a few extra bucks to one of the touring bands. “Here’s you two slices of pizza and a fountain drink” I thought as I dropped my Lincoln on the merch. table.

a0985612513_10Side A’s “Breathe In” is a real attention getter with its quirky guitar leads and shouted vocals. The song as a whole winds and twists its way too your heart. Punk rock with an emotional vibe that feels as Midwest as the band’s Minnesota routes. Side B’s “Perfume”, takes a more poppy approach to introduce itself. Though not overwhelming. There’s a bit of a Promise Ring feel to it. Overall, a good sampling of what Remo Drive have to offer. Each song having a different effect on me. While good, these two songs didn’t do much to solicit further listening. The record itself comes on [blue swirl vinyl.) Which for me personally, was a nice surprise. For more information on the band and any of their previous work. Check out the links below. JD



Point Blank – Demo 7′ Inch

nly006My love and appreciation for the format known as the 7″ inch EP has never waned. That short, yet enduring burst of energy and emotion. The kind that nourishes the soul while leaving enough room to keep you yearning for more. The same can easily be said about the original demo format. So when a demo is good enough to warrant a vinyl resurrection. Chances are good that it’s going to produce rewarding results.

As more than thirty years have passed since I was an earnest Hardcore Kid from Queens, NY. That early to mid 80’s sound that New York bands such as Agnostic Front, The Abused, Antidote and Major Conflict created still resonates with me more than anything that came later. Point Blank more than honor that sound without making it feel like a nostalgic trip or gimmick. Easily done considering half the band served time in the early days of what was NYHC. With Dan (Danny Dog) Derella being an original member of Underdog and singer Ken E. Wagner spending copious amounts of time-serving on the front line of what become the New York Hardcore scene.

The imagery, packaging and most importantly, the sound draw the listener in. Reminding the listener of a time when Hardcore music drew influence from Punk. Yet to explore and eventually find itself more aligned with Metal.

A lot can be said about the simple, yet direct approach that set the early 80’s Hardcore sound so far apart from anything that had been created before it. Point Blank serve that approach rather well without sounding outdated or nostalgia driven. From the rolling bass that leads the attack of “No More” to the marching leads and directness of Ken’s higher pitched vocals on “Fuck Off”. These eight songs make this kid from Queens remember that, while NYHC may not have originated in Queens. The borough was responsible for some of it’s best output. Point Blank remind me of all the elements that made me love Hardcore in the first place… And that, my friend, is as good as a recommendation I can give. Thanks and praise go out to Not Like You records for making this happen. This is the same label that recently brought us  The Faction – “Pegged for Live” and McRad – “Lion Pure” J.D.

Available Here


Crown of Thornz – Nothing But Tragedy

b9r231On their first release since their 1998 split single with Japan’s Aggressive Dogs. New York City’s Crown of Thornz remind us just how awful 90’s Hardcore could get. On the two song single “Nothing But Tragedy”, the band returns with two songs (The Kiss of Death and  No Reason Why) so terrible and unnecessary that any description, aside from the title itself can properly detail the abyss of awfulness this record swims in. The only thing worth mentioning is that the promos saw it fit to note that “No Reason Why” is not a cover of the Gorilla Biscuits classic of the same name. Thanks guys, I would have never guessed. While the simple fact that I, myself never felt any common mindset with bands of this ilk. I couldn’t describe this as anything but horribly awful. J.D.

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