Crown of Thornz – Nothing But Tragedy

b9r231On their first release since their 1998 split single with Japan’s Aggressive Dogs. New York City’s Crown of Thornz remind us just how awful 90’s Hardcore could get. On the two song single “Nothing But Tragedy”, the band returns with two songs (The Kiss of Death and  No Reason Why) so terrible and unnecessary that any description, aside from the title itself can properly detail the abyss of awfulness this record swims in. The only thing worth mentioning is that the promos saw it fit to note that “No Reason Why” is not a cover of the Gorilla Biscuits classic of the same name. Thanks guys, I would have never guessed. While the simple fact that I, myself never felt any common mindset with bands of this ilk. I couldn’t describe this as anything but horribly awful. J.D.

Available Here

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