Clam Jam – This Isn’t Women’s Basketball

a2674478961_16My God, someone needs to remind me to steer clear of bandcamp. Not that I was looking for trouble. It’s just that after I was invited by a friend to attend this bands show. I thought it might be wise to see just what I might be getting into. With a name like Clam Jam. I knew it wasn’t likely readying myself for anything other than childish and gimmicky schtick. Low and behold. I might have been over reaching with that description.

On ‘This Isn’t Women’s Basketball’ The Rockaway, NJ quartet take cute, angsty, feminine jams to an excruciatingly¬†painful low.¬†The opening track ‘Hoobastench’ were the longest and most painful 2:04 minutes I’ve ever spent. The next three were just as bad, if not worse. Terribly loose and elementary. One can only guess they were going for a jangle pop meets surf rock at a Valley Girl convention on the 7th layer of hell. If the bands name, EP title and musicianship wasn’t bad enough. The off key, off everything vocals only further how incredibly difficult it was to listen to. Hopefully, time or a quick breakup will change things for the better. Until then, I remain scarred and sullen. J.D.

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