Audio Evaluation – What I Missed

Having missed so many shows these past weeks. I decided to go back to a couple of recent invites to take a listen to some of the acts I missed. And while I recently ranted about steering clear of Bandcamp. I figured it couldn’t hurt to do a little digging. Below is some insight and reaction to what I found. JD

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I Love Your Lifestyle – We Go Way Back 
The Swedes are coming. The Swedes are coming. Sweden’s I Love Your Lifestyle write smart and uplifting melodies met by rawkus vocals and choruses. ‘We Go Way Back‘ lifts the spirits as it washes over you with its warm and danceable pop brilliance. As welcome as a cool breeze on a hot summers day. I’ve had this on repeat for days on end. Fourteen songs in all. Music that seem to get better with each listen. Warm, infectious and totally necessary . Available Here

Secret Stuff – This is Fine Nashville Tennessee’s Secret Stuff bring a sense of cheer and wonderment to the table that feels honest and at times, almost effortless. Five emotionally tuned in tracks that leave the listener wanting more. ‘This is Fine’ displays the bands kean ability to fuse melody with inspiring rythms and intricate key changes that give the somewhat subdued songs extra life and energy. Available Here

Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times – Not Once, Not Ever When taking your bands namesake from an epic tale as large as ‘Pride and prejudice’. You better be good. Luckily, in the case of this aptly named act. They kind of are. Both diverse and eclectic. Not Once, Not Ever offers rhythmic blasts of quick and energy fused dream pop spinkled with a jangly punk loosness that adds dimension it’s dreamy, atmospheric, emo inspired soundscapes. Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times add a unique twist to dream pop while managing to evade any specific genre trappings. This one took a few thorough listens to fully appreciate. However, in the end. It was those crazy rhythms and dreamy vocals that inevitably won me over. Available Here

Fire In Motion –  Days 8-14 Union New Jersey’s Fire in Motion fall short on they/his namesake with two offerings of folky, acoustic dream pop that failed to keep me interested. Musically dull with sleepy lyrics. ‘Days 8-14‘ never really establish themselves. While the recording and production are quite good. It was the songs and their delivery that left me bored and unimpressed. Available Here

Whiner – Forever Demo While the calender clearly states it is the year 2016.
Whiner  sound as if thye’d be just as comfortable sitting amongst decades old new wave, synth pop and electronic genius. All of which come off sounding fresh and current. Being a bit older myself. I couldn’t help but feel echoes of pioneers such as such groundbreaking acts as Kraftwerk, Gary Numan and perhaps most closely, The Pet Shop Boys. And while my personal favorite Between You and Me‘ seems to channel the subdued brilliance of The Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant. It’s the following track ‘Ooze‘ that might draw comparisons to ‘The Bends’ era Radiohead. As far as demos go. This is about as good as it gets. Available Here

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Scary Stories – Shimmers

a2684017860_16Shimmers features six new songs from the Denville four piece Scary Stories. Recorded in April 2016 at Backroom studios and mixed by Scott Moriarity. Scary Stories sound is both vicious and savage. Featuring elements of hardcore, punk and screamo with an added metallic guitar sound  the gives the  bands overall sound the depth it otherwise lacks. A characteristic which gives them the EP some much-needed credence musically. With most of the songs sounding marginally similar. It was the sixth and final track ‘Diorama’ that left the best impression. Decent stuff, but nothing special or groundbreaking that would set it apart from the pack. ‘Shimmers’ is currently available for download on bandcamp Here and will soon be made available in cassette format from Forced Abandonment Records Here .  JD




Clam Jam – This Isn’t Women’s Basketball

a2674478961_16My God, someone needs to remind me to steer clear of bandcamp. Not that I was looking for trouble. It’s just that after I was invited by a friend to attend this bands show. I thought it might be wise to see just what I might be getting into. With a name like Clam Jam. I knew it wasn’t likely readying myself for anything other than childish and gimmicky schtick. Low and behold. I might have been over reaching with that description.

On ‘This Isn’t Women’s Basketball’ The Rockaway, NJ quartet take cute, angsty, feminine jams to an excruciatingly painful low. The opening track ‘Hoobastench’ were the longest and most painful 2:04 minutes I’ve ever spent. The next three were just as bad, if not worse. Terribly loose and elementary. One can only guess they were going for a jangle pop meets surf rock at a Valley Girl convention on the 7th layer of hell. If the bands name, EP title and musicianship wasn’t bad enough. The off key, off everything vocals only further how incredibly difficult it was to listen to. Hopefully, time or a quick breakup will change things for the better. Until then, I remain scarred and sullen. J.D.

Available Here


Power Face – S/T 7′ inch

Having started Document Fanzine less than a year ago. We really haven’t gotten to the point where we’re getting a whole lot of submissions for reviews. (Something I sincerely hope changes in the near future.) Interesting how the ones we’ve received have either come from publicists peddling music we, or at least I, have no interest or intention of taking the time to review. Or, as in this case. Bands from far away with something more up our alley . On what I believe is the band’s debut 7 inch. Power Face get right ta0076224816_16o the point and up in your grill with a fast paced, raw Hardcore sound that’s sprinkled with elements of Speed Metal. (Most evident in the bands potent guitar assault.) With six of the seven songs coming in at under two minutes. There’s really little room for any break downs or mosh parts, which is fine. Not bad for what it is. Still, nothing that would really inspire more than a casual listen. On the down side. Power Face have some of the worst vocals I’ve seen in quite a while. Something I would have most likely missed if the actual lyrics weren’t included. “Come with me if you want to live. Walk the road of fire and sin.” Lead me to think this band is either in middle school or just don’t have a lot to really talk, or in this case, sing about. Not that I’m saying a Hardcore bands lyrics should change the world. Personally, I just prefer a little less role-playing in my Hardcore music. Not bad, but nothing special either. Proceed with caution. Power Face don’t really offer much in the information department on their social media pages. Regardless, I’m leaving a link to the bands music. This way, you can form your own opinions.  JD

Power Face

Archie Alone Post Two New Tracks from Their Upcoming Split 7′ Inch

Essex County’s Archie Alone have posted two stellar tracks from their upcoming split 7 inch with a mystery west coast act. While there is no telling when the split will be released. Or on which label. The two songs “Broken” and “Mend” do an amazing job in displaying the bands power and ability to blend post core power with emotive lyrics and heartfelt vocals. Having seen the direction the band has been taking it’s sound. This just might be their best material yet. Don’t sleep on this. JD

Available Here


Morality Crisis – MASH

a1984523353_16Having followed the path of Minnesconsin’s Morality Crisis loosely for almost ten years now. I’ve come to expect certain things when agreeing to expose my ears to any and all offerings from the band. For me personally, Minority Crisis have always been a hard band to describe, or even fit in to any square or hole. Musically churning out noise that can be traced to Death Metal, Doom, Screamo and ever Power Violence. Dark, dissonant and downright scary at times. Powered by bowl shaking screams and growls that find light in the frequent chord changes and muscle bound riffs. The kind of stuff that makes you want to study the underbelly of society. The perfect soundtrack for a documentary exploring mental health issues. Featuring four songs, including the ambitious title track MASH which comes in at a ridiculous twenty two plus minutes. These noise warriors somehow managed to keep this listeners attention. Take it or leave it. It is what it is. And while MASH doesn’t seem to break any new ground for Morality Crisis. It more than fits in with 2006’s “Pharos Imperos” and 2013’s “Boats” in being the most notable releases in the bands catalog. And while the four song “MASH” didn’t make an immediate impact on me. Like much of their previous work. It definitely grew on me. If you like to swim in the muddy side of the lagoon. This just might be your kind of thing. J.D.

Available Here