Sticker Shock

While I’ve always loved getting stickers from bands, fanzines and record labels. I’ve never really known what the hell to do with them. Having stopped putting them on my spiral notebooks in the 8th grade and the fact that I’m not quite the vandal I was in High School. I find myself accumulating them in boxes throughout my home. IMG_3853

Add to it my inability to ever let go of anything, (Jeez, I still have the notes Jessica passed to me in 8th grade English class.) my small collection keeps growing with each show and package of records I receive from my favorite distributor. Suddenly, I started doing the math and began putting the stickers together with cardboard record mailers and my overabundance of record sleeves and came up with a great third grade school project. Thus far, it’s been fun as well as a space clearer. IMG_3850Something I thought might be a regular feature here. As more stickers come in. More collages will be made and more cardboard lives can be saved. If you’d like your band, indie label, fanzine or podcast’s sticker included on our monthly board. Drop me a message and I’ll send you a proper address. In the meantime, I’ll ask RevHQ to stop sending stickers with my record order and just include extra records. Thanks, J.D.


Pushing Buttons

Here’s an idea I came up with while making a spinach and cheese omelette this morning, A monthly post featuring buttons we’ve picked up along the way and maybe give mention to the bands featured on these age old marketing tools. While I’ve probably got enough to keep this feature going for a few months. I’ll need more than a little help in sustaining this feature in the not too far future. So, if you’re in a band that would like to be featured or you’ve got a collection you would like to send of share a picture of. Send us a message and we’ll put you in the right direction. My debut post features a collection of mostly local New York & New Jersey bands. The list of bands can be seen below the image. If you’d like to see your bands button in a future post. Send me an email at and I’ll send you a proper address. Enjoy, J.D.