Pushing Buttons

Here’s an idea I came up with while making a spinach and cheese omelette this morning, A monthly post featuring buttons we’ve picked up along the way and maybe give mention to the bands featured on these age old marketing tools. While I’ve probably got enough to keep this feature going for a few months. I’ll need more than a little help in sustaining this feature in the not too far future. So, if you’re in a band that would like to be featured or you’ve got a collection you would like to send of share a picture of. Send us a message and we’ll put you in the right direction. My debut post features a collection of mostly local New York & New Jersey bands. The list of bands can be seen below the image. If you’d like to see your bands button in a future post. Send me an email at documentfanzine@gmail.com and I’ll send you a proper address. Enjoy, J.D.



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