Slobber – You Son of a Bitch

a3137737670_16With a sound that can be likened to an autopsy at a bachelors party, or perhaps a riot at the Vatican. California’s Slobber goes for the jugular vein and proceeds to eat it before it goes straight for your heart.¬†Five songs that scared the hell out of me in the way good Hardcore music is supposed to. If old schoolers Citizens Arrest met noise makers Rorschach at an Infest show. They would probably scheme to create something that sounds like Slobber. This is one hell of a ripper that didn’t just leave an impression. It left scars. With songs barely making the minute mark. There’s little room for bells and whistles. Lucky for us, this California band doesn’t need them. Quite good for all you bad ass motherfuckers. JD

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Human Overdose – Demo 2015

a2658591062_16Binghamton strong! Human Overdose get my vote for Best Band Name of 2015. The band enters the fray with an eight song Man is the Bastard, Neurosis, Infest influenced Power Violence, Grind core ripper that’s fast loud and angry. While I’ve never found anything remotely inspiring about this form of musical abuse. I can count on many who find inspiration in bands of this ilk. In the case that you find inspiration or common ground in the aforementioned acts. Take a bite. This is right up your end zone. J.D.

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