Morality Crisis – MASH

a1984523353_16Having followed the path of Minnesconsin’s Morality Crisis loosely for almost ten years now. I’ve come to expect certain things when agreeing to expose my ears to any and all offerings from the band. For me personally, Minority Crisis have always been a hard band to describe, or even fit in to any square or hole. Musically churning out noise that can be traced to Death Metal, Doom, Screamo and ever Power Violence. Dark, dissonant and downright scary at times. Powered by bowl shaking screams and growls that find light in the frequent chord changes and muscle bound riffs. The kind of stuff that makes you want to study the underbelly of society. The perfect soundtrack for a documentary exploring mental health issues. Featuring four songs, including the ambitious title track MASH which comes in at a ridiculous twenty two plus minutes. These noise warriors somehow managed to keep this listeners attention.¬†Take it or leave it. It is what it is. And while MASH doesn’t seem to break any new ground for Morality Crisis. It more than fits in with¬†2006’s “Pharos Imperos” and 2013’s “Boats” in being the most notable releases in the bands catalog. And while the four song “MASH” didn’t make an immediate impact on me. Like much of their previous work. It definitely grew on me. If you like to swim in the muddy side of the lagoon. This just might be your kind of thing. J.D.

Available Here


Human Overdose – Demo 2015

a2658591062_16Binghamton strong! Human Overdose get my vote for Best Band Name of 2015. The band enters the fray with an eight song Man is the Bastard, Neurosis, Infest influenced Power Violence, Grind core ripper that’s fast loud and angry. While I’ve never found anything remotely inspiring about this form of musical abuse. I can count on many who find inspiration in bands of this ilk. In the case that you find inspiration or common ground in the aforementioned acts. Take a bite. This is right up your end zone. J.D.

Available Here