Desir Decir – Even the Earnest Learn

a0796268216_16With a title that gives even the most purposeful head case like myself a shot at redemption Desir Decir’s “Even the Earnest Learn” is a shot in the arm for the working class humps and dreamers of the world. Featuring present and former personnel from The Life Eaters, The Everymen and more. It’s a wonder this hard working, hard touring band ever found time to get back into the studio. On their followup to their 2014 debut “Mechanics” the trio of John Feuerbach, Greg Reyes and Mitch Cady return to Killing Horse Records with six songs that display a sense of growth and determination. Upon being handed the CD by the bands drummer earlier today. I was given enough time to thoroughly ingest each song while navigating the series of potholes and traffic congestion we’ve all come to call Hoboken.

The cleverly titled “Postpone the Orioles” jolts you out of your seat with it’s rallying cry “Can’t Stop the Train from Coming”. “Semetary” follows with it’s Ramones inspired opening cry and it’s Johnny Thunders swagger. “Roy’s on the Table” follows with crash course mix of early 80’s Power Cow Punk meets Social Distortions dirty boogie vibe. There is an overall grit and dirtiness going on here that leads me to think these guys have seen many a night both in front of and behind the bar. As each of these six bangers feature a good sense of story telling. While I made earlier comparisons to The Ramones and Johnny Thunders. Closer and more current comparisons can easily be made to Gaslight Anthem, The Legendary Shack Shakers and Desir Decirs’s brethren The Everymen.  Recorded and mixed by the very skillful hands of Mike Moebius at local legend Moonlight Mile Recording. The band will be heading back out on tour in January and plan to release a 7′ inch EP in early 2016. So be on the lookout. J.D.

Available Here

Morality Crisis – MASH

a1984523353_16Having followed the path of Minnesconsin’s Morality Crisis loosely for almost ten years now. I’ve come to expect certain things when agreeing to expose my ears to any and all offerings from the band. For me personally, Minority Crisis have always been a hard band to describe, or even fit in to any square or hole. Musically churning out noise that can be traced to Death Metal, Doom, Screamo and ever Power Violence. Dark, dissonant and downright scary at times. Powered by bowl shaking screams and growls that find light in the frequent chord changes and muscle bound riffs. The kind of stuff that makes you want to study the underbelly of society. The perfect soundtrack for a documentary exploring mental health issues. Featuring four songs, including the ambitious title track MASH which comes in at a ridiculous twenty two plus minutes. These noise warriors somehow managed to keep this listeners attention. Take it or leave it. It is what it is. And while MASH doesn’t seem to break any new ground for Morality Crisis. It more than fits in with 2006’s “Pharos Imperos” and 2013’s “Boats” in being the most notable releases in the bands catalog. And while the four song “MASH” didn’t make an immediate impact on me. Like much of their previous work. It definitely grew on me. If you like to swim in the muddy side of the lagoon. This just might be your kind of thing. J.D.

Available Here