Scary Stories – Shimmers

a2684017860_16Shimmers features six new songs from the Denville four piece Scary Stories. Recorded in April 2016 at Backroom studios and mixed by Scott Moriarity. Scary Stories sound is both vicious and savage. Featuring elements of hardcore, punk and screamo with an added metallic guitar sound  the gives the  bands overall sound the depth it otherwise lacks. A characteristic which gives them the EP some much-needed credence musically. With most of the songs sounding marginally similar. It was the sixth and final track ‘Diorama’ that left the best impression. Decent stuff, but nothing special or groundbreaking that would set it apart from the pack. ‘Shimmers’ is currently available for download on bandcamp Here and will soon be made available in cassette format from Forced Abandonment Records Here .  JD




Clam Jam – This Isn’t Women’s Basketball

a2674478961_16My God, someone needs to remind me to steer clear of bandcamp. Not that I was looking for trouble. It’s just that after I was invited by a friend to attend this bands show. I thought it might be wise to see just what I might be getting into. With a name like Clam Jam. I knew it wasn’t likely readying myself for anything other than childish and gimmicky schtick. Low and behold. I might have been over reaching with that description.

On ‘This Isn’t Women’s Basketball’ The Rockaway, NJ quartet take cute, angsty, feminine jams to an excruciatingly painful low. The opening track ‘Hoobastench’ were the longest and most painful 2:04 minutes I’ve ever spent. The next three were just as bad, if not worse. Terribly loose and elementary. One can only guess they were going for a jangle pop meets surf rock at a Valley Girl convention on the 7th layer of hell. If the bands name, EP title and musicianship wasn’t bad enough. The off key, off everything vocals only further how incredibly difficult it was to listen to. Hopefully, time or a quick breakup will change things for the better. Until then, I remain scarred and sullen. J.D.

Available Here


This is me Looking Dangerous – Nosebleeds

thisismecoverforstore_400wNosebleeds collects This is Me Looking Dangerous’ last 2 EPs (Because I love Death, and The Winter of my Heart) in their entirety. Ten songs that had such a negative effect on me that I became agitated and outwardly angry only a few seconds in to the first song. Abominable, annoying, grating and unlistenable. Ten songs that felt like twenty-four too many. Musically, this is somewhat diverse with its varied instrumentals, style and approach. Featuring attempts at campy jangle pop noted.Yet somehow, it all  comes off sounding amateurish and infantile. This cassette only release comes via Rat Brain Records on slime green cassettes and is limited (thankfully) to twenty five copies. Unfortunately, I am amongst the twenty five that might be subjected to it.Honestly, I get the feeling this was created with the sole purpose of initiating enough ire to inspire the listener to fire the first shot in what will turn out to be an apocalypse yet to be seen by human eyes. J.D.

On Sale Here




Point Blank – On the DL

There’s a timeless line in the film The Godfather that says  “Just when I thought I was out… They pull me back in.” that perfectly illustrates my feelings about Hardcore music as a whole.  For years now I’ve found myself greying out of a genre that for decades was at the core of what my music consumption and show attendance. Thanks to bands like Queens’ Point Blank. I’m still finding reasons to go back to the well to reacquaint myself with that old friend.NLY-016 jacket lowresOn their eight song banger “On the DL”. Point Blanks first post demo release. The Queens band shows progress in both the musical and lyrical department. One can’t help but feel drawn to the dark bass lines and angrily pronounced vocals on “Life is too short.” Everything from the cover imagery to the short bursts of early 80’s rage and discourse reminding this bitter old curmudgeon of  what originally drew me to Hardcore in my early teens. Before the crossover. Before the tough guy posturing. Just Hardcore in its purest and most potent form. Archaic  and beastly Hardcore that draws you into the vortex of the circle pit. Give it a spin on Bandcamp and decide for yourself. On the DL” is available through Not Like You recordsin both digital and CD format. If you’re vinyl junkie like mysewlf. Keep your fingers crossed that itv will be pressed to 7′ inch format in the near future.  JD

Not Like You Records

Mr. Pink – Boy Chowder

There’s an unforgettable scene in the classic film Reservoir Dogs where Steve Buscemi is assigned the unenviable name “Mr. Pink”. It’s about as good a scene as you’re going to get. If you’ve seen it. you know the scene by heart. If you haven’t, you’ve done yourself a serious disservice and I will question your ability to make the most basic choices in life. Taking your bands namesake from a great line, flick or song can be a tricky undertaking. One that’s rendered many prior attempts to ridicule and scorn. When it’s done right, like in the case of Mr. Pink. The reference and likeness are accepted. Often becoming nothing more than a footnote.

a2655800235_16On their debut EP, Rockaway New Jersey’s Mr. Pink and their strangely named “Boy Chowder” fire on all cylinders to create something that moves, grooves and hits all the high notes. The opening bass line and guitar spiral that open “The Social Reunion” are exceptional and dare I say, reminiscent of early Fugazi material. “Lycan Pope” follows with more of a sludgy southern charm. Driving and groove heavy with story teller vibe. “David Lynch Always Win” continues the heavy stoner vibe with excellent results. While “That’s Using You’re Ass” follows a similar path to the aforementioned tracks. It’s the closer “Permicide” that leaves this listener with something he won’t soon forget.

CD inlet features lyrics and band info. With a five song debut that effectively introduce the bands ability to produce sludgy, stoner rock inspired narratives. One can only hope we’ll be hearing more from MR. Pink in the near future. JD


Polyphony / The Planet You “Art is Useless” Split

a2889393831_16It’s been a long time. Over a year would be a generous understatement since I’ve heard anything from Maplewood’s Polyphony. To be honest. I recently found myself wondering if their time together had come to a quiet end. Thankfully, Polyphony doesn’t to do anything quietly.

While this split only features one offering from each band. Polyphony’s “Reason to Prevail” and “Roses are Subjective” by The Planet You. I find each of these songs to be infallible testaments to the power of a good split. While two very different bands with Polyphony’s mathematic, yet unwound madness and the technical melodies Montclair’s The Planet You offer. They share more similarities than one might give them credit for.

These two bands match up well on this split. A wake up call that old favorites Polyphony are still going strong. A reminder of how refreshing it is  hearing and learning about bands to keep my eyes and ears on. JD

Download it Here